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Lisa Varga

Personal Branding
Lisa Varga is an actress, model and host with a passion for sports and entertainment. The brand was to be portrayed as cool and sexy, yet classic and timeless. A modern twist on a classic typeface was adopted for the logotype; a combination of one serif and one sans serif fonts were used to create the remaining typographic elements. The cohesiveness of the brand was enforced by custom imagery aiming to capture the lavishness, sophistication and allure of the Entertainment industry.

Brand Consultation + Strategy | Brand Development + Implementation | Brand Identity + Logo | Creative + Art Direction | Vendor Coordination | Copywriting | Print Design | Information Architecture | Web Design + Development

Photography by Kirsten Miccoli and Lisa Varga | Hair + Makeup by Vanessa Villiant | Styling by Arlene Matthews, Kitthis | Copywriting by Emily O’Brien, Lisa Varga and Daniela Markova Soukup

German Web Award “Site of the Day” 

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