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Small Business Branding
OhmCulture is a boutique yoga studio in Chicago's trendy Fulton Market neighborhood, providing experiences that elevate self-awareness and strengthen the connection between mind, body and others. Deeply rooted in the essence of “ohm”— the "primordial sound" or the vibration of the universe—the studio aims to raise the collective consciousness as a community by creating a culture of high vibration living. In branding OhmCulture, the same elemental approach was used to convey the holistic traits of the practice and highlight the invigorating energy of the space. The welcoming, chic and intriguing identity was designed to calm the senses, focus the mind and evoke the feeling of balance.

Brand Consultation + Strategy | Brand Development + Implementation | Brand Identity + Logo | Creative + Art Direction | Vendor Coordination | Print + Collateral Design | Environmental Graphics | Web Design + Development

Commissioned by and created for OhmCulture

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